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Brand Identity, Packaging Design,

Digital Design

The Client

Elieo Skin Care is a line of skin-care products specially formulated for the specific needs of women skin. The brand was created by Olivia Adele with background and expertise in dermatology, chemistry, and physics. The client asked Precise to create a brand identity with modern features and a beach-oriented style. Over time, our relationship has grown into a broad customer service strategy that has brought results to both sellers and customers.

What we did

  • Product strategy and roadmapping


  • Design and art direction


  • Package development


  • Responsive web development

The Design Solution

We designed a visual system for the logo and packaging inspired by the  structures of  sea elements. We detail this visual system with dead beaches products. The brand details achieve a visual similarity with the shell organisms.

Web Development

We have developed the Elieo digital ecosystem for online shoppers and retail partners. During development we conducted extensive user testing to ensure that the products work smoothly.

Isomorphic Development

We have created a new technical stack focusing on the flexibility and speed of the web service. Through to these important points, we got better end-to-end performance.

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